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We need to put the brakes on our silent "paindemic" ... of chronic pain

PAINDEMIC® provides insight on how our current Medical System addresses Chronic Pain and what needs to Change.


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People in PAIN

"Pain can be elusive. Pain can be difficult to categorize. Pain can be hard to manage. Chronic pain can leave the patient, and physician, feeling frustrated and hopeless."

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"It is not uncommon to feel helpless and frustrated when watching someone suffer in pain. You can make a meaningful, lasting impact on a chronic pain sufferer's life."

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Healthcare Professionals

"If mainstream medicine in the U.S. were truly educating physicians on the value of nutrition, fitness, psychological, and biomechanical health, then..."

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Healthcare Policy Makers

"Appealing to emotions, immediate gratification, and passivity of the American public is enabling a sicker society. The politics and profits that fuel that..."

Author's Messages

Book Launch Team

The information presented in PAINDEMIC book written by Dr. Melissa Cady, D.O. is a powerful, desperately needed message for everyone.  MAKE AN IMPACT ON YOUR COMMUNITY!  Join the Book Launch Team.  Share this message with family and friends.  Together we can […]

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From Dr. Cady “The Challenge Doctor” ….

I am an osteopathic physician who like millions has suffered from chronic pain.  My desire and determination was to reduce or eliminate my pain in a healthier, more natural way.  To do so meant that I had to become proactive […]

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Power of Pain Webinar

The antiPAIN Lifestyle philosophy falls in line with Dr. Cady’s Challenge Doctor Community. For those in pain, the Challenge Doctor website helps encourage optimal wellness to decrease or eliminate pain. More specific help tailored to pain can be found in her […]

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Mechanical Care Forum Podcast with Jason Ward

Jason Ward of the Mechanical Care Forum interviewed Dr. Cady regarding the book PAINDEMIC.
The Medical System: Dr. Cady expresses frustrations within the medical system, sharing that many physicians feel stressed out or burned out due to high volume practices. Medical practitioners […]

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